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Admission of foreign citizens

Admission procedure for foreign citizens and stateless persons

In accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation dated June 15, 2020 No. 726 "On the specifics of admission to training in educational programs of higher education - bachelor's programs, specialist programs, master's programs, programs for training scientific and pedagogical staff in postgraduate school for 2020/21 academic year ",foreign citizens need to submit remotely an application, the copies of necessary documents, consent to enrollment / refusal to enroll, as well as entrance examinations appeals by filling in the mandatory fields of the Electronic Information System (hereinafter - EIS) on the Official University Website.

The documents required for admission to ISPU should be loaded into the fields of the EIS in the form of authentic scanned copies or photographs of the original documents allowing machine-readable identification of their details.

For admission to ISPU, foreign applicants need to:

  • Register in the University EIS at: https://priem.ivgpu.com
  • Upload into the special fields of the EIS a copy of the passport (pages with a photo, date of birth, place of birth, passport validity not less than 20 months), a copy of the notarized translation into Russian of the passport, a copy of the education document, a copy of the notarized translation into Russian of the education document
  • Upon the procedure for reviewing documents by the staff of the International Department, undergo free-of-charge interview in order to determine the level of Russian language proficiency in accordance with the schedule posted in the University EIS
  • Based on the results of the interview, get either a recommendation to enter the University for HE and SVE programs, or study for one year at a paid pre-university program of additional education “Russian as a Foreign Language”
  • The procedure for foreign applicants who have received a recommendation to enter the University for HE (Higher Education) and SVE (Secondary Vocational Education) programs:
  • Apply for admission to ISPU via the University EIS
  • Successfully pass the online entrance tests through the Digital Polytech platform
  • Sign an Agreement on payment of tuition fees and make an advance payment for the first 2 months of training

Get an Invitation to enter the Russian Federation and apply for a student visa (in case opening the borders and lifting the restrictive measures related to preventing the spread of coronavirus infection)