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Development Strategy

The mission of ISPU is the generation of new knowledge and advanced formation of competences, the creation and implementation of innovations, the training of professionals to ensure the breakthrough scientific, technological and socio-economic development of the Ivanovo region and Russia as a whole.

In the horizon of 2023, the strategic goal of ISPU is to develop into research university of entrepreneur type by transforming the core activities and introducing new economic and management solutions as tools to ensure its own competitiveness.

The target model of university development is the proactive model (reference point - University 3.0), based on objective assessment of its own effectiveness and channeling resources to:

formation of learning opportunities for training competitive graduates capable of developing innovative science-intensive products and being in demand in the conditions of innovative economy;
creation of growth points, that provide generation of innovations and attracting investments through their implementation;
ensuring constant interface with the external (market) environment in all areas of activity.

Mission 2018 - 2023 years.