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Evgeny Rumyantsev: frankly about the Polytechnic University and its perspectives

Evgeny Rumyantsev: frankly about the Polytechnic University and its perspectives

Immediately after the New Year holidays, despite the general “New Year’s relaxation”, work at the Polytechnic University is in full swing - students are taking tests and exams, staff are holding setup meetings, and the university is rapidly changing its face - the classrooms and corridors are being renovated. Despite the busyness, the rector of the university, Yevgeny Rumyantsev, took the time to answer the questions of the Chairman of the student trade union committee Alexander Gavrilov about new plans.

Evgeny Vladimirovich, good day! And, first of all, I congratulate you on the New Year! What mood are you starting with?

- With excellent (smiles). After the New Year’s events, which were daily at the university, I managed to relax a bit, take a breath, so to speak. Therefore, forces have accumulated to continue what has been started, as well as to launch new projects.

It's no secret that the Polytech, in fact, is experiencing a real reboot with your appearance. Polytechnic students sometimes do not even have time to participate in all the events that take place.

How do you see a modern university and what do you strive for when you start transformations?

- A modern university is an environment for the professional growth of people and the disclosure of their creative potential, above all. And today's Polytechnic University is already attracting the attention of youth, business, government and everyone who wants to develop intellectually and creatively. The task is to make life at the university even more eventful and interesting, to find a consensus of interests of employees, students, partners, and using modern pedagogical techniques to form competencies that are needed for today and in the future.

Evgeny Vladimirovich, the Polytechnic University, which combined the textile and construction universities, left you a legacy of buildings and buildings that are not used. But the appearance in the media of information that you are going to sell them caused a negative reaction. Want to know what you think about this?

- In your question there is an answer to it. Indeed, after the merger in 2012, in the operational management of the university there are about 80 real estate objects located in the center of Ivanovo, in Kineshma, Teikovo. Unfortunately, over the years there have been no significant changes - the buildings were dilapidated, their condition did not meet sanitary standards for the educational process. So, from the former main building of the University of Architecture and Civil Engineering, located on ul. March 8, about four years ago, the educational process was launched. A similar situation has developed with the former Training and Production Workshops of the Textile Academy. Some buildings, such as the former Glavk, were never used for the purposes of the statutory activities of the university. The unification process, instead of the expected strengthening of the “synergy effect”, on the contrary, led to a significant decrease in university enrollment rates, a decrease in the share of commercial education, etc. Therefore, the modern Polytechnic University, in which a little more than 4,000 students study, has set the task of maximally efficient use of existing buildings - the main and educational laboratory buildings located on Sheremetevsky Prospekt, two educational buildings located on Krasny Zory Street, buildings of the Ivanovo Polytechnic College in Bukharov. And believe in them, although you yourself know, there are many empty rooms. If after some time we significantly increase the number of students, our corps will easily cope with this task. Therefore, at present, we have begun the active phase of repairs in the premises used, thereby creating modern educational spaces that meet the necessary requirements.

And what to do with property that is not required by the university?

As soon as I took the post of acting rector, this was the main question. We created an investment council, worked with all government bodies, and, above all, with our founder, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. We applied to all structures subordinate to federal authorities with a request to consider the issues of using our property, and proposed various options. So, the former educational building on Street March 8 has already been transferred to the Pension Fund. The task of transferring part of the premises in the building of the former branch of the Textile Academy in Teikovo to state structures has been solved. Today, the issues of transferring premises in a building on Suvorov Street are being discussed. But you see very well - the property fund is quite large. As a rector, I regularly consult on the current situation with the Ministry, the regional government, and it is extremely important for me to solve the property issue in accordance with the norms of the current legislation, faster and more efficiently.

Otherwise, our residents will continue to see faceless, dilapidated buildings, which does not have the best effect on the social well-being of people and the general attractiveness of the city. Each building has its own life cycle, and many of our facilities, for example, former dormitories on Sheremetevsky Prospekt, are no longer subject to reconstruction or major repairs. Having taken into account all these circumstances, we directed our efforts to interact with DOM.RF JSC on the issue of selling property and land plots under it in accordance with mechanisms 161 of the Federal Law. The procedure is not quick, there are a lot of formal approvals, interested investors are needed. We are constantly negotiating with the latter. If something starts to work out for us, and I believe in it and make every effort, it will be essential for the University Development Program, because part of the funds from the sale of facilities will go to our extra-budgetary fund, for its implementation.

And the last thing about the negative. I and the entire university staff have great respect for the past of the university, and, you know, how many ideas we have on popularizing our glorious historical heritage. But we must live by reality. And they are such that leaving such emergency buildings “until better times” is a crime. Each of them can pose a potential threat to the inhabitants of the city, to our children. Therefore, it is necessary to act here reasonably. And I take this opportunity to invite all concerned citizens who have suggestions for using our property for discussion, consultations, meetings. It is very important for us.

The next question is the development of student self-government and youth activity. Over the past year we have held dozens of interesting events and many new ideas. What do you think support student initiatives?

- Yes, the past year was eventful. I want to note the work of our student trade union committee and volunteer center. You have become real partners of the university administration and keep your students in good shape. And not only youth. Many processes now involve teachers and staff, which is good news. Of course, we will continue to support you, any ideas are only welcome. But I want to advise: you need to pay attention to training schools, conferences, where flexible skills are formed, scientific ideas and projects are born. Soon we will celebrate the Day of Russian students and the Day of Russian science, will be held the action "I grow up with IVSPU." It is great that we are the administration of the university, and you, active youth, work synchronously, openly, and hear each other. We will participate in all competitions, be sure to win and implement new projects.

An interesting idea came up the MAYAK programs (My Bright Career Academy)

- forums, during which students get acquainted with their future employers. Basic departments have been organized in a number of areas, but students still do not understand many things. How will they work?

- Yes, over the year we organized several basic Departments together with the largest textile and sewing enterprises in our region, now we are working with construction enterprises. This spring we are going to open a number of basic Departments that will form the core of the Competence Center for Textile and Light Industry. There will be a unique design, its own atmosphere. The training programs will be supported by leading production practitioners. All this, in our opinion, should create a situation of maximum convergence of the interests of students and enterprises, thereby ensuring our mutual development. Each student can conclude a contract with a specialized enterprise for targeted training, thereby guaranteeing a place for work in the future. Of course, for this he or she needs to study well, do science, and be able to solve the current technological problems of production. That is what basic Departments are being formed for.

We are all waiting for the opening of a new gym. When will this happen?

- Definitely, we will open it for our students on the first day of the spring semester, where, by the way, we will meet with students-athletes and discuss how we will continue developing our student’s sports. The gym is already in excellent condition, there are a few final touches left. An interesting design that was developed by students, good infrastructure - new locker rooms, showers, etc. In addition, we are currently working on the concept of the Polytech Museum of Sports Fame. I hope that the renovated gym will appeal to students, teachers, and all guests of the university.

At the end of the year, a Festival of projects was held where students presented the results of their work. I must admit, it seemed to many that there was a very strict assessment by the jury. Some guys were even scared. What is to be done with this?

- The answer is simple – to work. Work on project ideas, tools for their implementation, involving partners and colleagues. The objective of the project activity is to solve the real problems of modern society, enterprises. Thus, we are immersed in reality and are already more prepared for the future professional life. Many students have learned lessons and are ready to develop further.

Evgeny Vladimirovich, what is ahead? And will Polytech be a success?

- I'll start with the last one. Definitely - yes, and only if we combine our efforts, we will understand each other better and focus on the result in our work. The results for the last year are obvious, and, by the way, everyone can get acquainted with them on our website. I believe that the last year was successful and we made a wonderful reserve for the future. We are working at organizing Basic departments. New events have been planned, and we will increase interaction with the real sectors of the economy. I don’t feel like sharing “secrets”, but I believe that with such a team everything will come true. Do you remember the Student Activity School and the burning eyes of our freshmen? This is enough to go boldly forward.

Ahead is a rich, creative work. The major challenge for the nearest future is to improve the quality of the educational process and students’ academic progress, to attract active schoolchildren to Polytech, as well as project activities, and serious science. Speaking of science. I can say that at the end of the year the University Scientific Seminar was held, and it was decided to make it regular. I am happy that scientists of different fields began to understand each other, and this will result in interdisciplinary projects. This year we are going to start admission of postgraduate students to State-financed places. This has not happened for the past four years. The student office will begin its work, and we are waiting for active guys there, so help! A busy Science Week is planned. We are starting to work on a library of innovative building materials. In general, there is a lot of things ahead. Let's work together.

Evgeny Vladimirovich, let me congratulate you on behalf of the entire student community on your birthday, the date of which is not usual - “Old New Year”. And what would you wish yourself?

- I wish to achieve a lot, learn to live in harmony with the world around us, not to lose the will to achieve our goals and move from success to success together with Polytech.