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Ksenia Demyanenko won a landslide victory in the PROfashion masters competition

Ksenia Demyanenko won a landslide victory in the PROfashion masters competition

The jury of the All-Russian competition of designers of outerwear PROfashion Masters impressed her collection of coats "Snow Roses" with digital printing of author's prints, industrial embroidery and precise, confident cut.

The collection, intended for both men and women, was presented under the Other Shores brand. This is the story of friendship between professional designers, graduates of the IVGPU - senior lecturer of the Department of Costume and Textile Design. N.G. Mizonova Ksenia Demyanenko and her friend Daria Rastunina, with the White Pomegranate club, which includes people with mental disabilities.

“Daria and I conduct creative classes in the club, organize art exhibitions, adapt the best works for textile prints. The collection "Snow Roses" is one of many that has appeared thanks to its members of the club ", - said Ksenia. Floral motifs on the fabric appeared in an element unusual for plants - in the snow and in the water. According to Xenia, this is the image of a modern person who, due to the pandemic, cannot do much that was previously available, and is in a difficult uncertain position.

As a result, Ksenia took the first prize and prize to Ivanovo, and she had already participated in this competition. In addition, the judges chose their own favorites, including Ksenia Demyanenko. Svetlana Kostenko, Director of the Center for the Development of Competencies in the Field of Fashion Industry and Fashion Retail, PRUE Plekhanova and stylist and journalist Ekaterina Stern presented her with an educational course "Fashion in Modern Media". Trend analyst, founder of the Solstudio Textile Group, creator of the Russian brand of accessories and premium clothing Radical Chic, Alexandra Kaloshin, offered an internship in her company and free printing of ten textile samples, the head of the international competition for young designers "Admiralty Needle" Lyubov Dzhikia invited the talented Ivanovsky designer and several other participants will immediately reach the final of the competition, which will be held in St. Petersburg this spring.