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A new industry magazine-at the exhibition " Intertkan-2021. Autumn"

A new industry magazine-at the exhibition " Intertkan-2021. Autumn"

"Legprom Review" is the name of the publication released for the 10th International Exhibition of Fabrics and Textile Materials "Intertkan-2021. Autumn". On September 7, as part of the plenary session dedicated to the opening of the exhibition, the magazine was presented by the President of the Russian Union of Textile and Light Industry Entrepreneurs (SOYUZLEGPROM) Andrey Razbrodin and the head of the publishing project Mikhail Shpilkin.

The editor-in-chief of the magazine was Svetlana Kostenko, known to the industry community for the magazine "Atelier", which she led for more than 10 years. At IVSPU, Svetlana is also known as the chairman of the diploma commission in the specialty "Costume Design" in 2020.

"The magazine is intended to become an information platform that unites industry professionals," says Svetlana. – We invited journalists and experts from the regions, primarily from Ivanovo, to create the first issue. The journalist Anna Semenova considered in detail the situation with the opening of Turkish textile enterprises in the territory of the Ivanovo region. Vladimir Breus, a columnist from Ivanovo, analyzed the situation with cotton in the context of world geopolitics. The scientific project of IVSPU – SMARTEX Forum with a competition of young scientists of LIGHT industry and SCIENCE, which will be held in October 2021, is also presented on the pages of the journal."

The rector of IVSPU EvgenyRumyantsev highly appreciated the first issue of "Legprom Review": "I read the entire issue with great pleasure and interest. I hope that in one of the next issues of the magazine it will be possible to present in more detail our Center for the Development of Competencies of the textile and Light Industry and to tell in detail about our interaction with the enterprises of the region."

Within the framework of the business program of the Intertkan exhibition, Yevgeny Rumyantsev took part in the discussion "What kind of personnel is needed for the modern light industry: where do graduates of specialized universities go?" Together with the Vice-rector for Science of the Russian State University. Kosygin Alexey Silakov, Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Trade and Commodity Science of the Russian University of Economics. Plekhanova Marina Polozhishnikova, Head of the Costume Design Department of SPBGUDT Irina Safronova and Director of the Technological College No. 24. Irina Sudibor discussed issues of educational standards, students ' internships at industry enterprises and the inability to return to the system of state distribution of university graduates. All these issues are planned to be discussed on the pages of the "Legprom Review", the materials of which will also be published on the new website https://legprom.review