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LIGHTHOUSE Polytech - for the field of construction and architecture

LIGHTHOUSE Polytech - for the field of construction and architecture

On February 25, a job fair "MAYAK" was held at the Ivanovo Polytechnic with the participation of business and the construction and architecture sectors.

Rector Evgeny Rumyantsev, who approved the qualifications of professional competencies while studying at the university, and the head of the MAYAK project Elena Kuklina, who announced the educational part of the project with a master class “Creating an effective resume ... How to successfully pass a job interview ”.

Invitations to work, practice and internships were made by the President of the Union of Builders of the Ivanovo Region Group Timofey Lipatov, General Director of the Center for Design and Engineering Surveys Alexander Aliev, Valentina Elokhina representing the IOS SRO Association, Head of the HR Department of KSK Holding Marina Gurova, Chief Specialist -Service of the State Housing Inspectorate of Anna Shorygina, founder of the company "Stroysoyuz" Igor Baranovsky and commercial director Tatyana Denisenko.

LLC AKB Steel Anton Pakhaluyev, financial director of LLC Eurasia-Group Igor Afonin and head of the department for labor organization and production management Olesya Inotsenko, head of the department of practice and employment of IVSPU Elena Vlasova supplemented the speakers with a story about the possibilities of targeted training.

It is important to note that the meeting was attended not only by students, but also by teachers of the graduating departments, and students with great interest personally communicated with a representative of construction organizations, were able to indicate their questions and get an answer from the first person.

The event was held with the grant support of Rosmolodezh: # Rosmolodezh # Rosmolgrant # Resource Center.